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Voice Security

Listen & Voice
Acoustic Noise Generator


Low Price of $609.00

  • Creates a perimeter of noise around a target area that defeats wired microphones inside walls, etc.

  • Two channels, each with a truly random noise source

  • High and low frequency controls

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Bionic Ear and Booster Set

Low Price of $238.00

  • Frequency response of 100-10KHz

  • Gain amp cut off at 90dB

  • Amplifies sounds by 40dB

  • Independent volume controls on headset

  • Output jack to record sounds

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Detect Ear

Low Price of $650.00

  • Listen to sounds up to 300 yards away with pinpoint accuracy

  • Most advanced audio circuitry

  • 20" snap together dish

  • 3 band equalizer

  • Output jack for tape recording

  • Uses 2AAA batteries

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Surface Mic


Low Price of $202.00

  • Internal automatic gain control

  • Built in contact element

  • Connects to any standard tape recorder

  • Uses 9V battery

  • Recorder output compatible with audio spectrum analyzers

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Audio Jammer


Low Price of $177.66

  • Protects room conversations where sensitive information may be exchanged

  • Generates a random masking sound

  • Desensitizes any microphone nearby

  • 9V battery

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Portable Noise Generator


Low Price of $336.00

  • Designed as a portable acoustic noise-generating unit

  • Voiceband noise masking against listening devices

  • Reduces effectiveness of eavesdropping devices

  • Weighs 12 oz.

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Super Ear

Low Price of $42.50

  • Sound boom that swivels 180 degrees

  • Protective foam wind screen

  • Can be mounted directly to binoculars

  • Attaches to pocket or belt

  • Compatible with tape recording devices

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Wireless Microphone Set

Low Price of $142.00

  • Records sound transmissions

  • Convenient plug and play wireless set

  • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)

  • DC 3V power

  • Power and channel selector switch

  • FM band

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Voice Changer II

Low Price of $58.00

  • Features 8 different voice altering settings

  • Easy one step hook up telephone handset

  • Built in amplifier

  • 2 AA batteries

  • Compatible with most telephones including office systems

  • 3 1/2" x 2 3/8" x 7/8"

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Novelty Portable
Voice Changer

Low Price of $28.00

  • Hand-held phone voice changer is great fun for the kids

  • Not a professional voice changer

  • Eight different pitches

  • Compact portable design

  • 9V battery power

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Cell Phone
Voice Changer

Low Price of $27.20

  • Compatible with most US mobile phones

  • Make calls without being recognized

  • Hands-free headset

  • 62dB microphone

  • 30 hour battery life in voice changer mode

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Voice Changer

Low Price of $398.00

  • Professional grade voice changer

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Powered by a 9V battery, not included

  • Easy to use, 16 different settings

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Phone Security

Super Tap Buster


Low Price of $95.00

  • Defeats most common wire taps and bugging

  • Automatically cuts off audio so your conversation won't be recorded

  • Monitors line voltage on the built-in LCD display

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Tele-Data Guard Tap Detector and Privacy Module

Low Price of $13.60

  • Keep calls private

  • Alerts user if someone has picked up an extension

  • Green LED alert light

  • Signals whether line is in use

  • No batteries required

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Phone Manager Plus


Low Price of $60.00

  • Identifies the source of incoming and outgoing calls by displaying the number of the call

  • Small, convenient size

  • Low power consumption

  • Records data on up to 2000 telephone calls

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