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Personal Protection

Reverse Peephole


Low Price of $171.60

  • Soft mount, camera ready

  • High quality product for law enforcement, property owners

  • Peephole include for installation

  • Compact and easy to use

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Hand-Held Personal
Metal Detector

Low Price of $145.00

  • High-pitched alert

  • Can operate on rechargeable Ni-Cad battery

  • Red LED indicator light

  • Ideal for security checks

  • Sensitive enough to detect quarter-sized objects

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Mini Stun Gun Set

Low Price of $53.60
  • Pocket sized 3-inch device

  • 350,000 volts

  • Highly portable and highly efficient

  • Features a safety trigger to prevent accidental discharge

  • Pepper spray included

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Semen Detection Spy Kit with UV Light

Low Price of $74.95

  • Enclosed UV light

  • Confirm suspicions of infidelity

  • Uses PSA method (Prostate Specific Antigen), very accurate

  • Similar to what forensics use in investigations

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The Original Semen Detection Spy Kit

Low Price of $49.95

  • Confirm your suspicions of infidelity

  • Monitor activities of minor children

  • Uses PSA method

  • Includes everything you need to start your own at-home investigation

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USB Key Logger


Low Price of $168.00

  • Small, discrete, easy to  use device

  • Monitors all PC keyboard activity

  • Install in a matter of seconds

  • Advanced flash file system, super fast

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PS2 Keyboard Logger

Low Price of $88.00

  • Use to monitor children's internet use

  • Use for employees to monitor work time activities

  • Safeguard against losing documents in a computer crash

  • Detect unauthorized access to your PC

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Sabre Red Pepper Spray

Low Price of $11.00

  • Economical self defense product in black or pink

  • Legal for sale in all 50 states

  • 25 bursts per unit, comes with quick release key ring for split second use

  • Practical, positive protection

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Phone File Pro

Low Price of $169.00

  • A smart card reader, reads all SIM cards

  • Recover data and text messages from cell phones

  • Save, edit, and delete phone book and short messages

  • Back up information on your computer

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Spysure Parental
Control Software

Low Price of $99.00

  • Internet monitoring

  • E-mail capture

  • Keylogger

  • Chatroom monitoring

  • Internet blocker allows you to block access to websites

  • Screen capture

  • Stealth mode

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Spy Cobra

Low Price of $155.00

  • Extremely useful and highly covert

  • Perfect for monitoring internet activity

  • Easy to install

  • Log key strokes, remember websites, and capture screen shots

  • No hardware to detect

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Personal Listening Amplifier

Low Price of $27.98

  • High/low frequency booster

  • Volume control

  • Uses 2 AAA batteries

  • Ultra sensitive directional microphone

  • For nature and bird watching, sporting events, lectures, etc.

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Spy Sunglasses

Low Price of $32.00

  • Designed for tracking and anti-tracking applications

  • Keep an eye on things by walking ahead of the target

  • Works like a car rearview mirror

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Telespy Portable
Personal Home Alarm

Low Price of $99.98

  • Economical intrusion notification system

  • Built into a working telephone

  • Internal hidden motion detector and microphone

  • Easy to install

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RFID Tag Alarm System

Low Price of $49.98

  • Never forget or lose your stuff again!

  • Patented wireless technology alerts you when a tagged item leaves its zone

  • Prevent loss, theft, or forgetfulness

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