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eBlaster 5.0
for Internet/E-Mail/Chat Room Surveillance
Low Price of $89.99


Let eBlaster Show You EVERYTHING They Do Online.

eBlaster is the most dependable, full-featured remote surveillance product available from the worldwide leader in Internet monitoring software. Robust and secure for the most demanding businesses, yet easy for even computer novices to install and use effectively, eBlaster provides both Instant Notification Email and Chat Alerts with Comprehensive Hourly and Daily Activity Reports to give you the power and control to:

Be copied IMMEDIATELY on:

  • e-mails

  • instant messages

  • chats

  • sensitive words & phrases

Receive Detailed Hourly Email Reports Of ALL of their Internet And PC Activity, including:

  • e-mails sent and received

  • web sites visited

  • programs launched

  • every keystroke typed

  • both sides of chats and instant messages

  • sensitive words and phrases

  • peer-to-peer files downloaded

  • logon/logoff activity

Time-sensitive events -- such as employee email transmission of company confidential information or a molester’s chat room advances directed toward your son or daughter -- require immediate action. That’s why eBlaster 5.0 employs Instant Notification to provide you with an EXACT copy of every email, chat, and instant message. Additionally, eBlaster features the ability to capture and forward key words and phrases you determine are particularly sensitive and worthy of receiving as part of your Instant Notification.


Immediate Email Forwarding
eBlaster records and INSTANTLY forwards incoming and outgoing emails, including Hotmail, Yahoo mail, AOL email, MySpace webmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Microsoft Exchange email. No other product on the market records and IMMEDIATELY forwards emails. eBlaster acts at the moment an email is sent or received and then sends a copy to the email address you specify.

NEW! eBlaster now permits you to “pick and choose” the emails you wish to see, using a powerful filtering function designed to save you time and the frustration of sorting through unimportant correspondence.

Immediate Chat And Instant Message Forwarding
eBlaster records and forwards BOTH sides of chats and instant messages for:
       • AOL chat rooms
       • AOL Instant Messenger
       • ICQ
       • MSN Messenger
       • Yahoo Messenger
       • IRC
       • Trillian, and many more.

Only eBlaster provides you with this valuable feature.

Email Recording
eBlaster records incoming and outgoing emails, including Hotmail, Yahoo mail, AOL email, MySpace webmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Microsoft Exchange email. In addition, eBlaster permits you to “pick and choose” the emails you wish to see, using a powerful filtering function designed to save you time and the frustration of sorting through unimportant correspondence.

Chat And Instant Message Recording
eBlaster records BOTH sides of chats and instant messages for:
       • AOL chat rooms
       • AOL Instant Messenger
       • ICQ
       • MSN Messenger
       • Yahoo Messenger
       • IRC
       • Trillian, and many more

Web Sites Visited
eBlaster records URLs of all web sites visited. The exclusive eBlaster Activity Report includes:
       • URL visited
       • Total time spent on each web site, and
       • Date and time the web page was first viewed

Keystrokes Typed
eBlaster will record every keystroke typed on the computer, whether part of a chat conversation, an instant message, an email, a Word document, or even a password typed. The eBlaster Activity Report includes:
       • Application in which the keystrokes were captured
       • Date and time the characters were captured
       • Actual captured characters, and
       • Optional hidden character reporting (Shift, Delete, Control, Return).

Program Activity
eBlaster includes a monitoring tool capable of providing a comprehensive overview of all applications used on your home or office PC. The eBlaster Activity Report includes:
       • Application
       • Application start time, total time, active time, and
       • Character count.

Peer-To-Peer File Sharing
eBlaster permits you to address the legally sensitive issue of file-sharing by capturing information from:
       • Kazaa
       • Kazaa Lite
       • Morpheus
       • Limewire, and
       • Gnucleus P2P.

Keywords And Phrases
The power of eBlaster permits you to direct the program to look for certain keywords or sensitive phrases, and when they appear, eBlaster will record them and include its findings in your Comprehensive Scheduled Activity Report.

User Logon/Logoff
When a user at the monitored computer logs on or logs off, eBlaster will record the activity and include it in your Comprehensive Scheduled Activity Report.

Security Features

eBlaster’s inherent Stealth Technology combined with the addition of Password-Protected Activity Reports and Communications Transport Layer Security (TLS) make eBlaster the most secure monitoring and surveillance product on the market today.

Password-Protected Activity Reports
Home, small business, and corporate users alike can guard against the potential of unauthorized individuals intercepting and reading Activity Reports by choosing eBlaster’s password-protected WinZip file format

Communications Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Corporate network administrators will be pleased to learn eBlaster permits secure email transmission on networks using TLS protocol, ensuring Activity Reports can’t be intercepted and read.

Stealth Technology
eBlaster does not show up as an icon, does not appear in the Windows system tray, does not appear in Windows Programs, does not show up in the Windows task list, cannot be uninstalled without the eBlaster password YOU specify, and eBlaster does not slow down the operation of the computer it is recording.

eBlaster does not initiate connections to the Internet and will only forward email and send activity reports when the monitored computer is already connected to the Internet.

Who Uses eBlaster?

Employers: Clamp Down On Employee Internet Abuse Before It Strangles Your Business
Employee abuse of email, instant messaging and surfing porn, eBay, sports and news sites is costing companies like yours billions in lost productivity every year. Yet when employees know they are being closely monitored, they drastically reduce these activities that harm your business. You can't watch over them every minute -- but eBlaster can, and send you immediate reports of all employee emails, chat conversations, instant messages, keywords/phrases, and logon/logoff as well as hourly or daily reports of web sites visited, keystrokes typed, applications launched, and peer-to-peer files shared.

And because finding out what your employees are up to is as easy as checking your email, you'll always be in control and in the loop, even if you are thousands of miles away from the main office.

Parents: Protect Your Children From Online Dangers
Protecting your children is your primary concern. Would you let them speak on the phone for an hour with a complete stranger? Of course not. So, why would you let them chat online with a stranger without knowing the content of the conversation? With eBlaster, you will know the content of ALL their chats and instant messages, whether you are at home, at work, or thousands of miles away. You'll be in a position to stop danger dead in its tracks long before it has a chance to cause real harm.

And, because eBlaster records emails, web sites visited, keystrokes typed and file-sharing activity, you'll get a head start if your child starts engaging in Internet activity you find inappropriate.

NOTE: Probation officers across America use eBlaster to monitor convicted child molesters and sex offenders when they come out of prison. Now you can use eBlaster to protect your children from the 99% of offenders who have never been caught, freely roaming the Internet, looking for their next victim.

Everyone: Monitor your Laptop or Desktop in Case it is Stolen
Every eBlaster report contains the IP address, or GPS-like location information. If your laptop or desktop computer is stolen, eBlaster will still continue to send reports to you, including the IP address, so long as your computer is being used to connect to the Internet. You can provide the IP address to law enforcement authorities along with other contents of the eBlaster reports, and this will GREATLY increase the chances that your computer will be recovered.

Everyone: Monitor your Computer in Case it is Used by Others without your Permission
Do you suspect that co-workers or family members or others may be using your computer when you are not around, without your permission? Or do you allow others to use your computer when you are not around, but wonder whether they are using it appropriately? It is easy to find out with eBlaster. eBlaster only sends reports when your computer is being used, so if you see eBlaster reports from a timeframe you know YOU weren’t using the computer, you’ll know somebody else was using it. You’ll also be able to make sure that your computer isn’t being used in a manner you deem inappropriate.

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