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"VTS 8000" Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System

The "VTS 8000" GPS Vehicle Tracking System is the ideal system for tracking your companies fleet of vehicles.


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No other system of its kind comes close to this price for
Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Also, ALL RealTime Tracking Systems require a "Per Vehicle" monitoring charge! With the
VTS 8000
spread your monitoring costs across your entire fleet! (See plans below)

If you have experienced any of the following? If so call today for your LIVE, online demonstration of VTS 8000.

  • Vehicles are used for side jobs which deprives your business of valuable revenue.
  • Company vehicles are used during off hours for unauthorized personal use.
  • Drivers start late, leave early, or take excessively long breaks on your time.
  • It takes too long to complete jobs in the field, which drives up labor costs.
Dangerous Speeding
Unauthorized Vehicle Use
Unnecessary Idling
Fuel Abuse
Fuel Expenses
Billing Errors
Time at the Office
Miles Driven
Increased Profits
Increased Productivity
Increased Driver Safety
Payroll Verification
Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Introducing the incredibly reliable, innovative and highly affordable VTS 8000 automatic vehicle and mobile asset location system. The VTS 8000 is a real-time GPS Automated Vehicle Location (ALV) system designed to help business owners and managers of companies that operate business fleets. The VTS 8000 provides incredibly reliable information fast on the location of mobile assets across the United States, Mexico and Canada. With the VTS 8000, you will increase revenue by maximizing the productivity and effectiveness of your employees and reduce vehicle and labor costs associated with managing a small to medium size fleet.
·          Easy to install

·          Best coverage area in US

·          Real Time Internet viewing

·          Location,  speed,  direction

·          3 inputs, 1 outputs

·          Stop/Start  reporting

·          Innovative antenna system

·          Low power consumption

VTS 8000 requires NO ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE. Our servers house the mapping and reports. Locate your vehicles on any PC computer that has Internet access. Log in via our secure password protected web site. To locate a single vehicle, or the company's entire fleet, users simply click to get street level location maps, event lists or “plain text” histories. Street level maps incorporate zoom zoom in/out capability.

VTS 8000 is shipped ready-to-install. Field units install in most vehicles in about an hour. Units may be installed easily by one of your employees or by a recommended VTS 8000 installer. No special technician training or licensing is necessary. Its 2 wires 1 hot and 1 ground Simple! Your installation package provides connections for 12 volt DC power and the patent applied VTS 8000™. To assure worry free installation and easy system operation, the VTS 8000 Resource Center is only a toll free call away. Friendly customer service and qualified tech support are there when you need them.

VTS 8000
Systems are completely self-contained, weigh about 18 ounces and are about the size of a 2 packs of cigarettes.

VTS 8000 units are pre-programmed to your specifications and “locked in” electronically, prior to shipping. Field units may be programmed to transmit Global Positioning System (GPS) location data on either a regular, timed basis as often as every 5 minutes or in response to a specific command from your computer -- or a combination of both methods. The VTS 8000 Resource Center then converts GPS data into real-time information that is instantly available via the Internet from almost anywhere in the world.

VTS 8000
has a internal motion sensor which allows remain in continuous operation for several months without the risk of diminishing a vehicle's “cranking power.”

With over a million commercial vehicles equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking unit, leveraging GPS in managing your fleet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. The savings from equipping your fleet with a GPS vehicle tracking system can easily amount to thousands of dollars each month. Whether you want to ensure employee productivity, improve customer satisfaction and employee and vehicle safety, the value proposition is compelling.

We understand this and have worked hard to develop a system to meet your needs. By combining affordability, ease of use, and robust functionality, we ensure that, as a business owner or manager, you will reap the rewards when your fleet is equipped with the VTS 8000™ AVL System. 
Increase Productivity

Producivity ChartManaging your business responsibly and holding your employees accountable doesn't make you Big Brother, it makes your bottom line bigger. The simple fact that your employees know the vehicles are being tracked will increase worker productivity. They are no longer anonymous and you are no longer blind.

VTS 8000™ is a real-time vehicle tracking system, providing you with the ability to know where your vehicles are at all times and how long they have been at a location. Not only will you know where your vehicles are today, but you can see where they were a year ago. VTS 8000™’s  history feature can plot the route a vehicle took on a given day. You will benefit by seeing more hours worked and fewer unauthorized trips. Think how much money you can save, if you simply get one extra hour of productivity, per employee, per day.  Your bottom line will increase by thousands of dollars!
Minimize Lost Revenue

Money IncreaseAre your vehicles profit or cost centers? If your vehicles are critical to your ability to generate revenues, you might be losing money each and every day. Unfortunately, a common issue for many service businesses is with the improper use of company vehicles. Moonlighting or doing side jobs can be a serious drain on revenues that negatively impacts your company's name and reputation.

VTS 8000™’s history report features provide you with the ability to ensure that company vehicles are not used during off days or during certain hours.  

Although uncommon, product theft can cost your business thousands of dollars. If a vehicle is transporting valuable goods, it may be necessary to ensure that no unnecessary stops are made in transit. The VTS 8000™ optional ALERT module provides you the flexibility of being notified of any unauthorized stops, by notifying you, each time the rear doors are opened, or if a vehicle leaves a designated area.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Customer SatisfactionA customer calls in wanting to know when to expect a delivery or requests an unscheduled stop. Alternatively you get a call from a customer who is complaining that the driver is late or never showed up. How successfully you handle these common situations dictates how happy your customers are and how likely they are to continue doing business with you and not with a competitor.

VTS 8000™’s Real-Time Tracking allows you to give your customers accurate information on when to expect a stop. If a customer calls in for an unscheduled stop, you can locate the nearest vehicle to their location. And, in the event a customer calls to complain about a missed stop, VTS 8000™’s Vehicle History feature shows you the route a vehicle took, enabling you to confirm or deny that a stop was missed. Accurate and detailed information means you are more prepared to service your customers’ requests. How much is that worth to your business?
Reduce Overtime

TimecardsThe lack of solid information on what time your employees start and stop work each day can cost you thousands of dollars each month. The VTS 8000™ AVL system will help you ensure that each labor hour paid is one hour worked. VTS 8000™’s Reports has the ability to track vehicle start and stop times, which you can correlate to time sheets. This will either confirm or conflict with what is being reported. Its time to take the guesswork out of your business!

How do you route the nearest vehicle to a specific address? Using a radio or mobile phone is like throwing darts blindfolded. Its hit or miss.   With VTS 8000™’s Real-Time Vehicle Tracking you have the ability to see your vehicles move around town in real-time, on your PC.

Employees starting late, quitting early, or taking excessively long lunches? If so, your labor costs are ballooning while revenues are decreasing. VTS 8000™’s Report provides you with detailed reporting on the location of each stop. Again, resulting in more work completed in less time.

Driver & Vehicle Safety

SafetyIn rare and unfortunate situations, such as a vehicle breakdown, a vehicle theft or carjacking, or in the event of a medical emergency, locating your vehicle at that very moment is absolutely critical. The VTS 8000™ AVL system has a number of capabilities that allow you to react at a moments notice and will provide your drivers with peace of mind, knowing that when they are out in the field, they are not alone.

VTS 8000™ allows you to send a “locate” command to the vehicle to determine, within a few minutes, exactly where that vehicle is. You may also equip your vehicles with panic switches that are driver activated. 

Monthly Service Plans

Monthly Messages* Cost Per Message Monthly
Overage Messages
250  $      0.1000  $     25.00  $      0.50
500  $      0.0900  $     45.00  $      0.45
750  $      0.0875  $     65.63  $      0.45
1000  $      0.0850  $     85.00  $      0.45
1250  $      0.0825  $   103.13  $      0.40
1500  $      0.0800  $   120.00  $      0.40
1750  $      0.0775  $   135.63  $      0.40
2000  $      0.0750  $   150.00  $      0.40
2250  $      0.0725  $   163.13  $      0.35
2500  $      0.0700  $   175.00  $      0.35
2750  $      0.0675  $   185.63  $      0.35
3000  $      0.0650  $   195.00  $      0.35
3500  $      0.0625  $   218.75  $      0.30
4000  $      0.0600  $   240.00  $      0.30
4500  $      0.0575  $   258.75  $      0.25
5000  $      0.0550  $   275.00  $      0.25
10000  $      0.0500  $   500.00  $      0.20


Activation fee with a 2 year service comittment 

$19.99 per year

Activation fee with a 1 year service comittment

$29.99 per year

Activation fee on a month to month basis

$49.99 per year

*A Message is defined is a packet of information. One (1) message is used and charged when vehicle position (location) is sent. One additional message is used and charged when the “speed and direction” are reported. Customer determines how and what the unit reports in.

Service Plans may be used on one vehicle or spread out among multiple vehicles. Example – you service or delivery fleet of 10 trucks and you want to install VTS 8000 on all your vehicles. Purchase 10 VTS 8000 Units and the 2500 messages per month. You spread your messages across your fleet and it cost approximately 17.50 per month per truck for the monitoring. Some trucks may use more messages some use less but it adds up to 2500 messages per month. Why pay $39.99 per truck per month for monitoring whether the truck is used or not? You can also select your own plan of minutes ex: 4600 messages, 4700 messages. Multiply your monthly messages times the cost per message of the message plan above where yours would fit in. So for the 4600 and 4700 plans multiply your number by .0575 per message (the 4500 plan) to get your monthly cost.


Q. What does AVL stand for?
A. AVL is an abbreviation for Automatic Vehicle Location System.  The VTS 8000 system is an innovative, dependable and cost-effective AVL system with an entry level of one unit and no capacity limit. VTS 8000 can serve 1 vehicle as easily as a four thousand.

Q. What does GPS stand for?
A. GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System.  The GPS is owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Defense.  It's primary mission is to serve the navigation needs and weapons delivery missions of the U.S. Armed Forces, worldwide.  The GPS signals are produced by a constellation of satellites and are available at all times, free of charge.

Q. What is VTS 8000?
A. VTS 8000 is the best selling realtime vehicle tracking product lines that Bluewater Security Professionals markets. We strive to provide you with the information that you need at affordable prices.

Q. Does the VTS 8000 system use GPS?
A. All VTS 8000 systems using the GPS (Global Positioning System) network of satellites for remarkably accurate positioning.

Q. Is your product real time?
A. The VTS 8000 transmissions are available for viewing within seconds of being sent from the units. .

Q. Will my vehicles require huge antennas?
A. No! Both VTS 8000 antennas are about the size of a matchbox. The antennas provided are small enough to allow a covert installation.

Q. How difficult are the VTS 8000 units to install??
A. The newest VTS 8000 units install in about 60 minutes. The majority of our units require 2 wires, constant power (
+12 volts), and ground. If you have ever installed a car stereo or radio you will have little difficulty. Antennas need to be mounted with at least a partial view of the sky, (under the front dash, rear dash, plastic bumper) Antennas are capable of "seeing through" glass, plastic and fiberglass. but are incapable of seeing through metal. (Do not put the antenna in the trunk) We recommend that whomever install the unit contact the technical support group during the installation so that we can verify that the equipment is working correctly.

Q. How accurate is the VTS 8000 information?
A. A typical location is accurate to +/- 24 feet. When viewing a vehicle traveling on an interstate, you can usually determine which lane the vehicle is in.

Q. What is the coverage of the VTS 8000 system?
A. Most cell phone antennas communicate at 0.6 watts. Our antennas communicate a full 3 watts, so there are few areas in the United States where our units will not work.
It has one of the largest real time coverage areas, covering over 100 percent of the U.S. population and 100 percent of the populations of Canada and Mexico. The VTS 8000 system utilizes a new, highly dependable and inexpensive communications concept called Cellemmetry. Other ALS systems utilize cellular voice channels or existing two-way radio systems; these systems are subject to interference, data loss and interception by competitors.  The VTS 8000 data is a digital transmission, error-corrected and is always transmitted at full legal power.  Both in the air and over the Internet. Also VTS 8000 data streams are extremely difficult to intercept or corrupt.

Q. Will I need special software to view my vehicles?
A. No! All that is required is a PC with internet access. After installation, contact us for activation. A user name and password would be provided to you to login at our web interface and check your vehicle information.

Q. Will I be able to see history of the vehicle?
A. All of the data is archived in a database for a minimum of 6 months so that you can see it, run reports, reach your conclusions about where the vehicles was, how long it was there, how fast it went along the way and much more.

Q. What types of reports are available?
A. The most common report used is history, which is a record of all activity from the units. This report shows the time the unit reported in, location. speed, direction and any alerts that were reported

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