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  Alarm Clock Radio Nanny Cam - Hidden Camera

This innocent looking alarm clock radio is a perfect match for most home and office settings, no one will suspect that this ordinary looking functional alarm clock radio houses a sophisticated quality hidden camera. With all the integrated components hidden, you can easily relocate the alarm clock radio from room to room, giving you a quality, advanced portable video surveillance system.

This is a truly plug and play system, simply plug the alarm clock radio into any standard wall outlet.  We've already integrated the camera into the radio. To videotape your babysitter or a room, simply connect the video cable form the Radio into a VCR or DVR (wired system) or attach a wireless receiver into your VCR or DVR.  It's simply that easy! Its just as simple to watch your subjection on a cable-ready television or monitor.  The range is approximately 300 feet line-of-sight (LOS).

Even if you have never used a covert video surveillance system, you will be able to operate this system immediately. Only you will know there is a state of the art camera system hidden inside the clock radio.

The Alarm Clock Radio Camera system can be used to give you peace of mind when you have a nanny or babysitter watching your children or as a security surveillance camera anywhere in your home or office. 
  • Keep an eye on the nanny or babysitter when you're away.
  • Secretly monitor activity in any room of your home or office.
  • Easy to relocate from room to room or office to office.
  • Suspicions of infidelity or extramarital affairs can be verified.
  • Monitor actions of house keeping staff.
  • Business owners can keep an eye on valuable inventory, minimize theft and eliminate non-productivity.
This product is available with a quality hidden wireless camera or a wired camera. (see below)

Wired Alarm Clock Radio Camera
The wired camera system is supplied complete with a 25' video cable. To operate the alarm clock camera, simply plug the alarm clock into any standard wall outlet then connect the video cable to the hidden camera in the alarm clock radio and then into a tv, monitor or video recording device.

The Wired hidden camera has additional wires coming out of the alarm clock.

Wireless Alarm Clock Radio Camera
The wireless camera system is equipped with a 2.4 gigahertz wireless hidden camera & transmitter and is provided with a FREE matching 2.4 gigahertz 4 channel reciever. The addition of the wireless transmitter makes setup and operation of the system easy. It uses our latest 2.4 gigahertz transmission system and we've integrated both the wireless camera and wireless tranmitter into the alarm clock radio. To record your subject, simply plug the clock radio into any standard wall outlet and attach the included matching wireless receiver to a TV, VCR, DVR or monitor that is in another room. It is that easy! . The range between the hidden camera and the receiver is 300 feet LOS (line of sight), inside a house it is approximately 150 feet, in other words this unit will function in 99.9 percent of all homes.

The Wireless (Our most popular) hidden camera is powered through the alarm clock. There are NO suspicious looking wires connected to the alarm clock. It looks exactly like it was bought from a store.

Black & White
  • 0.5 minimum LUX
  • 3.6mm standard lens
  • 380 TV lines
  • 92 degree field of view
  • 300ft LOS
  • NTSC format
  • 0.05 minimum LUX
  • 3.6mm standard lens
  • 420 TV lines
  • 92 degree field of view
  • 300ft LOS
  • NTSC format

Alarm Clock Radio Nanny Cam-Hidden Camera

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Black and White, Hardwired Hidden Camera System
Low Price of $121.44!


Color, Hardwired Hidden Camera System
Low Price of $178.20!


Black and White, Wireless 2.4 GHZ Hidden Camera System
Low Price of $236.28!


Color, Wireless 2.4 GHZ Hidden Camera System
Low Price of $299.32!



F.A.Q. - Which Camera Should I Buy?

What's the difference between a hardwired camera and a wireless camera?

A hardwired wired camera has a cable that goes from the camera to a TV or VCR. The video signal is passed from the camera, through the cable, and to your TV or VCR which allows you to see the picture. All wired cameras must use RCA cable to connect the camera to the TV or VCR.

A wireless camera does not need an RCA cable connected from the camera to the TV or VCR. The video signal is transmitted through the air to the TV or VCR directly, or to a receiver. However, wireless cameras still require power. You can apply power by either using batteries, or by plugging the camera into a regular wall outlet.

Do I need to get cable with my camera?

All wired cameras require RCA cable to connect your camera to a TV or VCR. Cameras with a description that says wired for Plug and Play Connection have two leads coming out from the camera. One of these leads is for power. A power supply is provided to plug into a regular wall outlet. The other lead is an RCA video connection to connect to your TV or VCR. The video connection is a female connection and additional RCA cable must be obtained to connect to your TV or VCR. If the description says it comes with cable, then you only need additional cable if the size specified is not enough.

Are the cameras difficult to set up?

Both the wired and the wireless cameras are very easy to set up. You do not need any special knowledge or skills to set up and operate these hidden cameras. Basically, all you do is apply power, either by plugging it to a regular wall outlet or by using batteries.

For a wired camera, you plug the RCA cable into the camera and run the cable to your TV or VCR. Follow your TV or VCR instruction manual for viewing the video input.

For a wireless camera with receiver (900Mhz or 2.4Ghz), apply power either by plugging it to a regular wall outlet or by using batteries. The receiver plugs into a wall outlet as well or you can use a battery pack. The receiver plugs into your TV or VCR the same as wired cameras.

Can I use my camcorder to record?

You can use a camcorder or any video device that has a video-in port that will accept RCA cable. Depending on your input port, it may be necessary for you get an RCA to BNC connection adapter. These are easily obtainable at any Radio Shack for $2-$4.

Do the cameras come equipped with audio?

Covert use of video and audio together is reserved for law enforcement personnel only. We do not carry any hidden cameras that have audio capability. Audio is only available to law enforcement agencies due to federal US law.

I have a 2.4GHz telephone system, will that be a problem?

There are a number of possible problems. When the phone is picked up, the picture may go out. You may not get any picture at all. There may be a horizontal hold type problem with the picture. Problems may vary because of all the telephone manufacturers and the different telephones. If you have a 2.4GHz phone system or any other 2.4GHz system in your home or office, please consider hard-wired, or replacing your existing 2.4 appliance.

What is Resolution and Lux?

Resolution refers to the cameras ability to reproduce images. The higher the resolution, the better. Lux refers to the amount of light that is needed for the camera to see. This becomes important if you need the cameras to see in low light. The lower the Lux, the better.


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