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LandAirSea 3100
Vehicle Tracking System
Low Price of $ 239.00

With Internal Antenna 

With External Antenna


Very easy to operate. No installation required! Just place it inside a vehicle, in your child's backpack, in a briefcase, or in your spouse's purse.

This GPS vehicle tracking unit is a great way to track a vehicle.  When you need to find out where the vehicle traveled, you simply  download the data. Does not involve monthly fees! Just turn the power button on, place it in the car, and let the driver go on their way.

It's like having your own Private Investigator for a fraction of the cost.

Find Out : Where They Went!  Where They Stopped! How Fast They Drove!

The LAS 3100 tracking system is a powerful vehicle tracking device that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology developed by the Department of Defense. With amazing accuracy, it produces comprehensive reports on all travel activity and gathers miles driven on a daily basis.

The LAS 3100 GPS unit and computer software can be used to accurately evaluate travel activities, with proof of exact date, time, speed, and location down to the street level. Once installed, it can be left for days, weeks or even months. When the travel activity is played back, it will accurately show the month, day, year, hour, minute, second, speeds, and detailed street level mapping of the entire route of travel.

Ever wish you had a tool that could prove your suspicions were valid?  Next time you sense suspicious activity with your vehicle, make sure LAS 3100 goes along for the ride.

How The LAS 3100 Vehicle Tracking System Works
The LAS 3100 unit uses GPS satellite signals to provide extremely accurate positioning, typically between 10 feet and 50 feet of actual vehicle location. The miniature GPS receiver rides aboard the vehicle recording the exact whereabouts of the driver, including the address of each destination, names of streets traveled, how long the vehicle remained at each location and the speeds traveled.

When the vehicle returns home, the LAS 3100 GPS receiver is easily removed from the vehicle and downloaded to any Windows®  computer. The travel route can be viewed on your computer screen. A detailed map is built into the LAS 3100 software allowing the unit to display a variety of travel data, including every turn, locating every stop, the exact time and duration of each stop, mileage and, of course, speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to place the "LAS 3100" INTERNAL unit ( Internal GPS antenna )

Make sure you choose a good location to place the unit for the best results. The easiest location to place the unit is the glove box but depending on the design of the vehicle, it may take longer to lock onto the location. If the glove box is very low inside the vehicle with a lot of obstructions, it may not be able to track. In this case you will have to find a better location to place the GPS unit.

Make sure that there isn’t any metal completely blocking this upward line of sight. GPS signals will go through plastic, glass, rubber, fiberglass, cloth material, or anything else not made of metal. The more metal obstructions that are above and around the GPS unit, the longer it will take to lock onto the location.

Where to place the 'LAS 3100" EXTERNAL unit ( External GPS antenna )

If you purchased the LAS 3100 external GPS antenna model, then you can place the actual unit anywhere you like. However, make sure you place the GPS antenna in a location where it will have good reception. The diagram below should give you some hints on where you can place the GPS antenna. If you mount the GPS antenna inside the vehicle’s bumper, try to mount it as high up as possible and preferably in the corner. Just remember, you cannot have a metal surface directly above the GPS antenna.


It is not recommend to mount the GPS antenna in the following locations:

  • In the trunk. If you mount the antenna in the trunk it will be almost completely enclosed by metal surfaces. The tracking unit will not work.

  • Anywhere that is completely surrounded by metal. Again, the metal will affect the results.

Does the unit come with everything I need, including software?
Yes.  The price includes the GPS tracking unit, Software with mapping for the entire U.S. and the cable to connect the GPS unit to your PC.

What is the difference between the 3100-INT and the 3100-EXT and where can I mount it?
Both the 3100 EXTERNAL model and 3100 INTERNAL have magnet mounts, and are waterproof, but the LAS 3100 EXTERNAL has an external GPS antenna. If you have to place the unit underneath the vehicle then you probably want the EXT version. The 3100-INT may be a little more convenient because everything is built in, including the antenna. For inside the car placement, or inside a plastic or fiberglass bumper this would be the unit you want. You can place the INTERNAL model in the glove box, under the front or rear dash, and even under the seat. Under the seat placement is not really recommended but we have received numerous reports on how well the unit works even hidden under the seat.

If the batteries go dead before I am able to retrieve the unit, will the tracking data be lost?
No. The unit uses flash memory which does not need a battery backup.

How many days can I expect the LAS 3100 unit to last without the batteries going dead?
We recommend using Energizer Lithium batteries since they last much longer than regular batteries. With average driving (2 hours a day), the batteries should last over 2 weeks.

How often does the 3100 unit record data?
The 3100 unit records a data point every second. If you are using the AA batteries to power the unit, you can always leave it on this default setting. Decreasing the recording rate does not affect the battery life.

Does this unit work anywhere in the U.S.?
Yes. Everywhere in all 50 states.

Does this unit work outside the U.S.?
No. Right now we are only selling this unit for use within the U.S.

What is the warranty on the 3100?
The 3100 unit comes with a full 1 year warranty.

Do I need to subscribe to a monthly service in order to get this to work?
No. There are no monthly fees or activation fees. 

Does this unit have a motion sensor in it?
Yes.  The unit turns on as soon as the vehicle starts moving. When the vehicle is stopped for more than 4 minutes, it will go into a sleep mode to conserve battery life.

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