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Digital Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System

MSRP $579.99
**NOW ON SALE! Only $299.99**

Flexible, Affordable real-time tracking with no long term monitoring contracts to sign!

Get e-mail notifications or text messages to your cell phone when your vehicle moves

FlexTrackTM  comes all necessary equipment for installation and monitoring
and with a 1 year warranty

Professional installation centers available in your area if needed and we have a dedicated customer support staff to answer any questions


A national fleet of moving trucks needs to be able to tell its customers the location of their belongings… A auto leasing company must track its assets at a moments notice…Parents of a teenage driver want to know where their child (and their car) is after curfew.. A heating and cooling company need to confirm job completion, material delivery and employee whereabouts....A family needs to find an elderly family member..

"FlexTrack(TM) is a excellent, cost effective, easy way to track or locate a vehicle.  When you need to find out where the vehicle is or where it has traveled, you simply go to the internet, log in and perform a vehicle locate on demand."

FlexTrack(TM) Vehicle Tracking System is a web-based, real time tracking system that uses GPS technology to accurately determine the exact location of your vehicle.

It's like having your own Private Investigator for a fraction of the cost.

Features and Benefits
  • Low cost
  • Discrete Black Case
  • Real-Time location  with no monthly fees. Pay as you use
  • Small GPS receiver fits discretely in many locations
  • View maps and reports with zoom in/out  for street level mapping and whole USA mapping.Zoom inwith satellive imagry from Microsoft.
  • Return on investment in 30 days or less for business owners.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to install.
  • All-inclusive package, no need to purchase additional software or hardware

Sample Maps and Reports


Road View

Aerial View

Bird's Eye View

FlexTrack(TM) does not require a "set" monthly service fee. The fees are based on the amount of tracking you do. The costs for these manual location updates are shown in the table below.

Pricing Chart

Click here to purchase your first month of service

FlexTrack(TM) also has 3 optional inputs which can be connected to your vehicles alarm system or airbag inflation system to inform you if your alarm is going off or if your airbag was inflated. You can also use the optional output to disable your vehicle from driving in the event that it was stolen.

FlexTrack(TM) is very easy to install on your vehicle. It comes with small GPS/Cellular combo antenna and a wiring harness that can connect directly to your battery or fuse box.


Example 1 - Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Stolen Vehicle BreakinYou owns a vehicle and install FlexTrack(TM). You did not have to track the for the first few months. Since you did not track the vehicle, you did not pay any fees. Suddenly your vehicle is stolen. You go online, track (ping) your vehicles location, and contact the police. Your vehicle is recovered and your cost was as low as 25 cents.

Example 2 - Auto Financing / Car Rental / Construction Equipment Lease or Rental

You own a car dealership, car rental agency or equipment rental/leasing company and you offer your own financing to customers. You have 100's of vehicles and every vehicle or piece of equipment has a FlexTrack(TM) unit installed. Occasionally, you need to locate it (stolen, abandoned, not returned). To locate, you simply go online and for as low as 25 cents, you can immediately locate the vehicle or equipment.

Example 3 - Teenage Kids

You teenager is a new driver. They go out for the evening and dont com home at the time they promised. You get on your computer to see they are just minutes from home. No need to worry. On the other hand you teenage daughter is dating a questionable boy, known to do drugs. You forbid her to see him for her own best interest but want her to be able to use the vehicle. You do spot chect to make sure she is not  goint to the boys house.

Example 4 - Elderly Family Members/Teenage Kids

Elderly DriverAn elderly family member in the initial stages of memory loss / dementia owns a vehicle and has been getting lost. He goes for a ride, gets lost and does not come back. He does not have a cell phone nor does not want to call home because of his "pride". He thinks he can find his way back! You have a FlexTrack(TM) unit installed and perform a couple of manual locates to find out that he is 300 miles away. You go out to get him while another family member updates his location as you get closer. Cost for 16 manual locates as low as $4.00. (at the .25 cents level )

Example 5 - Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment You own some construction equipment that you have to leave on a job site over the weekend. You concerned that it will get stolen. You install a FlexTrack(TM) system on your equipment. At night or on the weekend when you leave the job site you get online and set your unit to send you a text message or email to your cell phone if your equipment moves. Peace of mind! No need to hire a costly security guard to watch you equipment.

REGULARLY $579.99 - ON SALE for $299.99

IN STOCK!  BRAND NEW ITEM (not refurbished)
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